A colorful beginning

Vivid was sparked by my love of cooking for others and the connection that comes from sharing a good meal. My goal is always to make dishes that are both beautiful and full of flavor. I’ve been especially intent on preparing meals that friends with food allergies – whether to gluten, sugar or dairy – can enjoy. 

I’ve always been a “sauce girl”, which spurred me to start experimenting in my own kitchen. I combined whole vegetables with a variety of herbs, spices, and fruits to create the right balance of savory, sweet, and tart. When sample batches exploded out of my Vitamix, leaving splotches of fuchsia and orange on my ceiling, I realized that vibrant color was just as important as flavor.

The name Vivid was inspired by the rich hues you see in the jars. But it’s more than that. Vivid means “to live” and my greatest desire is that Vivid will inspire people to eat – and live – boldly and joyfully. To have fun with their food and relish time spent around the table.

To me, good food is an expression of love. I hope Vivid will help you connect with those you care for, and that opening a jar will add a little extra vibrancy and joy to your life.

Here’s to feasting!


Kathryn Gilmore, Owner

It’s fun to get together and have something good to eat … That’s what human life is all about
— enjoying things.
— Julia Child